Vas Deferens Pain


Vas Deferens Pain

Vas deferens pain is a common pain symptoms of prostatitis. The bacteria infection of prostatitis spread out from the prostate further into the epididymis along the vas deferens, or the sperm ducts. The vas deferens are enlarged, thickened and with hardening. There is constant vas deferens pain, particularly during or after ejaculation.

vas deferens pain

Picture: Vas deferen pain


Vas Deferens Pain and Prostatitis

Since prostatitis is very difficult to treat, prostate infection keep infecting the vas deferens and cause discomfort and pain. Patients usually have symptoms and pain in both sides of the groin area and the scrotum.


Vas Deferens Pain and Treatment

Prostatitis is the key to vas deferens pain because infection in the prostate is incurable with ordinary antibiotics treatment. With our prostatitis treatment, the injection is on both prostate and vas deferens. After a few weeks of prostatitis treatment, vas deferens pain will be gone.


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