Testicle Cyst


Testicle Cyst

Testicle cyst is the enlargement of the epididymis. Most patients have mistaken the cyst in the epididymis as the testicle cyst. In fact, testicle cyst is one of the prostate symptoms of prostatitis.

testicle cyst

Testicle Cyst and Prostatitis

Prostatitis has a key role in testicle cyst because testicle cyst is caused by the bacteria infection of prostatitis. Prostate infection invades the epididymis and testicle through vas deferens.


Testicle cyst is just one of the symptoms of epididymitis. The pain and swelling of the epididymis will stay if the testicle cyst is not solved.

Testicle Cyst and Prostatitis Treatment

Prostatitis treatment has a key role in treatment of testicle cyst. Typically, a urologist prescribes antibiotics medication for testicle cyst. This is not a proper treatment if the man also has prostatitis. Prostate infection causes inflammation, enlargement, hardening and testicle cyst.


Eradication of bacteria infection cannot cure testicle cyst. Shrinking the testicle cyst requires a special herbal medicine to dissolve the blockage in the epididymis.

The prostatitis treatment is the best treatment for testicle cyst with prostatitis. The treatment not only eradicate bacteria infection, it also dissolves the waste that form the testicle cyst. The injection allows herbal medicine to work directly with the cyst and infection. As a result, the cure is much more efficient and thorough.


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