Swollen Testicle


Swollen Testicle

Prostatitis can also cause the symptoms of swollen testicle. When a man has swollen testicle, he needs to make sure whether bacteria infection is the cause. An antibiotics treatment may be used for the swollen testicle if traces of bacteria infection is found.

swollen testicle

Swollen Testicle and Prostatitis

Swollen testicle is one of the symptoms of prostatitis. Bacteria infection that causes prostatitis can easily spread to the epididymis and testicles to cause various testicular symptoms such as swollen testicle.


Shrinking swollen testicle with antibiotics medication is not easy. In fact, antibiotics work only one bacteria infection. Swollen testicle contains blockage, inflammation, infection and waste, making it extremely difficult to get a cure.

Even worse, eradication of infection in the testicle is comparatively easier but not the case for infection of prostatitis. The hidden bacteria will travel again to the testicle and cause swelling there once the antibiotics medication stops.


Swollen Testicle and prostatitis Treatment

Prostatitis treatment of our prostate clinic has the best cure for swollen testicle and prostatitis. The prostatitis treatment has all sorts of unique injections on different genital organs, such as the enlarged prostate, swollen vas deferens, and swollen testicle. The medicine consists of antibiotics and herbal medicine for both infection and swelling. This new prostatitis treatment is unknown to or ignored by the urology specialists, doctors and urologists, and of course no such similar prostatitis treatment is available in other countries.

When you have symptoms of swollen testicle, and at the same time infected with prostatitis, you won't find a complete cure easily. The only permanent solution is our prostatitis treatment, for both your swollen testicle and prostatitis.


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